2022-01-06 : 20-year anniversary! Also, in the 21/22 season we're back in tin tops

SMV Racing turns 20 years old in the spring of 2022. The massive amount of joy that has come from this simple team is absolutely amazing. Cheers to all we've raced against, and looking forward to another 20 years of fun racing!

After two seasons in the Radical, we are now back in the virtual BTCC-series again, and back with our trusty Mercs.

The hardware division has also decided on a new standard gear, and we are now driving in SimLab GT1 rigs with BJ Steel GT pedals, T500RS wheel and SMV-buttonboxes. The visual bits are handled by a Valve Index headset.

2022-01-05 : A long overdue update!

The preparations took some time!
A little recap perhaps. 17/18 ended on mixed notes for the team, Johan had a fantastic season with no less than 6 silver medals and a bronze medal, ending up in 6'th in the final standings. Mats however had an appalling season with a car that just wouldn't stop breaking down, and on top of that he fell victim multiple times to accidents and reckless driving.

18/19 was even worse, for both drivers. Johan only managed to finish three out of six driven races, and Mats only drove one weekend (3 races) but at least managed to finish all of them in decent positions. After that, the team decided to take a break and reorganise our efforts.

19/20 and 20/21 were the years of the Radical. Radical was no favourite for neither of us, but the first season saw Mats in 10'th and Johan in 11'th when the 19/20-season was over, over all a decent result. 20/21 was basically a repetition of the year before, Mats in 13'th and Johan in 14'th (out of 25 drivers, 19/20 only had 19 starting). No results really stood out during those seasons.

2017-12-05 : the 17/18-season is underway!

A new season started, and we were so busy preparing that we didn't have time to fix the website. Big changes in the background this year, all the scripts are automated, we had two qualifying summer leagues and a bunch of new drivers! SMV Racing has shifted over to Mercedes, and we are now only using real sponsors.
So far, three races in, we are perhaps not quite where we expected in the table, but the season has just started!

2017-04-27 : High/low-lights of Johan's season

A film crew has been following Johan during the season, and they have also used other team's on-board-cameras as well as official footage from the news channels to put together a highlights-movie of the entire season.

2017-04-24 : The 16/17 season is over!

The 16/17 season is over.
There were ups and downs during the season. Swift changes in the total standings, accidents and annoying mistakes, but also a more professional racing season than ever! The Swedish motorsports association "Svenska Bilsportförbundet" with the sub section VGR (virtual grand prix) has been our new umbrella organisation, meaning that the G.I.R.L-league has been the official Swedish series. Everyone have been working very hard to make this the best racing season available, and succeeded! SMV-Racing finished 5'th overall, and we are both very enthusiastic about next season.

2016-09-08 : SMV Racing's partner - vital in getting all cars on the grid

SMV Racing decided to contribute to the series as a whole when the conflict in the car decoration society went on for weeks. SMV Racing and JJ Design who for years have been providing SMV Racing with top of the line designs have decided to assist all teams in the series and we are proud to announce that thanks to this effort, no less than 13 of the 17 teams are now ready for the series start, with their sponsors kept happy.
Here are pictures of the cars produced by JJ Design in collaboration with SMV Racing.

2016-07-06 : The 16/17-season is starting!

Since photos have leaked from Ring Knutstorp from last weekend, SMV-Racing decided to issue this press release a little bit early.
SMV-Racing has secured a new sponsorship deal with Tag Heuer and will also drive the Toyota in the 16/17-season. We are very proud and excited for the upcoming season and will commence testing the new car very shortly.

2015-12-15 : Some new accessories

The hardware division of SMV Racing proudly presents a new addition to our team wheels.

2015-11-10 : The season has started

The first race weekend has passed, with mixed results. This year will be a tough one! Despite a bunch of new drivers, new cars and new tracks, the field is almost as tight after qualifying as the last races from last season.

2015-10-02 : New season, new car, but first!...

The new season is soon here, with new builds, new drivers and new cars. We are moving into a multi-car series based on the BTCC-rules, this time not only with the Honda, but also with Toyota and Chevrolet. Some drivers have taken a break, some left, and new ones joined us (as I'm writing this we have 19 on the list).
SMV as a team have had some major mechanical problems before the season start. During testing Mats' car lost power and as the mechanics went through it, they had to replace engine, drivetrain, everything. Once they were done with that, Johan's engine decided to give up in a cloud of oil and smoke, and the new engine will not arrive until just a few days before the RoC-LAN. Testing has been, to say the least, difficult. Soon though, we will be on the starting line with brand new cars.
First however, we are going to do do our annual Race of Champions LAN.

2015-04-16 : The Season is over.

This, the third season in g.i.r.l. for us in SMV Racing has had its' ups and downs, but in general it has been an amazing season with extremely tight racing throughout the entire field. When qualifying sessions end with all drivers within one second, you know it'll be tight, and still there has been very few accidents. We both had our fair share of problems, Mats a little more than Johan, and we missed a favourite track due to external circumstances. Mats made a bold statement refusing to race on a really badly converted track (the right thing to do!), which played no small part in that next season will see a better lineup of race venues. In the end we were only a few points away from both of us climbing in the table, but 9'th and 13'th are results to be proud of in this fierce resistance. Season 2014-2015, thank you, it was a blast! Season 2015-2016, we're ready..

2014-12-16 : Reorganisation of SMV Racing.

Press Release from SMV Racing, released Dec. 16'th 2014

Due to problems within the mechanical department which has resulted in unreliable cars, aborted races and recently failure to even start, SMV Racing has decided to reorganize the team. In this process we have had much help from D.Carnegie, now upgraded to our main sponsor.
Due to the time this reorganization will take, SMV Racing will not be participating in the race at Croft, but will return with a stronger team for the next race after that, at Snetterton.

These actions were forced as Mats car wasn't ready for start before this evening's race at Oulton Park, but discussions have been held before where the drivers have had unnecessary problems during the races. We are now very happy with this solution, and look forward to the remaining races.

The new SMV Honda will be unveiled shortly

2014-11-04 : Finally the season has started.

Reports will be posted under "Race Reports"

2014-11-03 : Last Practice done, first race tomorrow.

Due to severe problems with the cars, Mats has only been able to practice a little, and Johan almost nothing. The race tomorrow promises to be chaotic at best, but finally the season starts!

2014-10-12 : New site, new colours.

Season 2014/2015, here we go.
Our redesigned site is now up, the cars are fresh from the paint booth and we are now waiting for a sunny day to take some good promotion photos.

GbgRacing also held the annual pre-season LAN where we crown the allround racing master, driving all from gokarts to trucks. Erik from GoDo Racing showed us all what stability really means, and he took a well deserved total victory there. Congratulations to him! Mats only participated in a few races bagging a victory in one of the truck races, and Johan ended up 4'th overall with a double victory with the Lola T-280 as the highlight.

2014-10-11 : End of the seasons Main 2013/14 and Afterseason 2014.

The 2013/2014 season ended in a very pleasant way for us, we secured our places 6 and 7 from last year, only this year we switched places with each other. The best moment of the season has to be when Mats, in the final race, managed to summon his best driving, not only securing a podium finish but also Passing Claes in the total, thereby finishing 7'th overall.

In the "After season", Mats did an excellent job at keeping the rest behind in the Spark F2, and won the entire round! Impressive, especially considering the competition.

With that we say good bye to the Meganes in the main events, as well as our old sponsors. For the next season we look to the BTCC series and the Honda Civic, and of course new sponsors and with that a brand new livery. More to come...