SMV Racing is a simulator-racing team based around Gothenburg in Sweden. SMV was formed in spring 2002 by Mats and Johan, primarily for Spot-Cup 3 and 4 (Spot-Cup was an online racing league for Grand Prix Legends, based around the now defunct page GPLSpot). Other members were recruited, resulting in two gold-, three silver-,and two bronze medals in the different series.

GPL faded gracefully into the "old great classics", and SMV Racing followed suite. Some old members went on to new heights and became really fast drivers and team managers while others got other things to do. Then in early summer of 2012, the rFactor 2 beta was purchased by both Mats and Johan, and the old triangular sign was put back into use.

Since then We have been driving primarily with "Gothenburg Internet Racing League" where we raced the Megane in rFactor2 in seasons 2012-13 and 2013-14 and the BTCC Honda in the 14/15 season. We have also raced with G.I.R.L in the after seasons and the Race of Champion LAN's. We switched to the WTCC Chevrolet Cruze for the 2015/2016 season as the league expanded the list of available cars, and for the 2016/2017-season we switched to Toyota since the Chevrolet was already taken. In the 17/18-season we switched to Mercedes.

-"SMV?" you may ask.. well, it stands for Slow Moving Vehicle. Since we're a bunch of happy, but slow amateurs it seemed like a good name. Also, the orange triangle is a really dashing addition on the back of any racecar, don't you think?